*About Us*


First of all, we really appreciate your interest in our products and our Company! We are very, very excited about the Roush & Shelby vehicles we have to offer. But, before we go into that, we’d like to take this opportunity to tell you a little about our company & go over some of the Service other Dealerships Can’t Match!  index.5 Our owner, Randy, is a die-hard performance enthusiast and has been nuts about performance cars since he was a little guy. Not much has changed for him since then! That same enthusiasm has carried over to the products and services we provide on a daily basis and has established Anderson Ford as one of the oldest Ford dealerships in the United States specializing in performance products. Randy started our Performance Division way back  in 1989 and it has grown to be one of the largest Performance Centers in the Midwest and is Illinois’ Number One Motorsport Dealership. Anderson Ford Motorsport offers Top Brand performance products along with their own line of Private Label Parts for Mustangs. service_pics016-250The Performance Parts Division  realized there was a need for a Performance Center for the  installation of these products. Anderson Ford has now been modifying Ford Mustangs for over 25 years. Our Ford Factory trained technicians are second to none and have many years of all types of vehicle modifications with customers from coast to coast.  To further design and test the performance products that are available to you and to bring to index.6our customers a complete package, an In-House DynoJet Dynometer facility was installed in 1996 to which there are less than a handful nation-wide at Ford dealerships! We have customers from coast to coast that haul their vehicles to us for dyno service.  And we now have over 22,000 Dyno pulls! With all the Performance Components in place and having the expertise to support our performance customer’s needs, we were then able to offer a line-up of fantastic performance Mustangs. Anderson Ford is proud to be able to carry a full line of Roush & Shelby Mustangs and trucks. (By the way, our owner, Randy, was on the SVT advisory board for over 12 years) If you’re still reading, congratulations! – You are genuinely a hard-core performance nut yourself! But what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call to reserve your performance car today!    1-800-720-1943